Admission Requirements Part One: M.Sc. in Natural Resource Management

Part 1

  1. SKC Graduate Admissions Application; and
  2. Official transcript (s) from all accredited colleges and universities attended indicating completion of a bachelor’s degree in a related field;
  3. Proof of Immunization. Students born before January 1, 1957, must have a T.B. skin test within the last five years. Students born after December 31, 1956, must provide documentation for a T.B. Skin test taken within the last five years and two doses of measles vaccine. A health care provider’s signature is required to verify immunizations; and
  4. Verification of Residency, if a Montana Resident; and
  5. Completed Tribal Certification Release form. This is required for Tribal Members of a federally recognized tribe and first or second-generation descendants of a federally recognized tribe.  

For more information on the application requirements, please contact;

Cammie DuPuis-Pablo

Graduate Admissions & Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate Division

(406) 275-4023