Master of Science in Natural Resource Management

The Master of Science in Natural Resource Management (M.Sc.NRM) degree program is designed to provide access to a culturally sustaining, quality graduate education that prepares students to offer research-based management of natural resources in various fields. The degree aims to synthesize components of Indigenous research methodologies with Western science which will prepare graduate students as future researchers with competencies required to conduct studies in Tribal communities.

SKC's Master of Science in Natural Resource Management is designed to take a student or working professional with a background in resource management and expose that student to a broad multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving in the natural resources milieu. Students will take coursework not directly related to their favorite course of study to increase problem-solving. Many of these courses are seminars or advanced topics curricula already designed to meet the needs of the specific students taking that coursework. Still, they can be re-tooled to meet particular needs.


Students of the M.Sc. NRM Program will gain multidisciplinary knowledge in: Hydrology, Forestry/Fire, Fisheries and Wildlife.

Hydrology: Students will study and learn techniques that will provide them with classical hydrological measurement techniques and management and investigate more complex hydrology problems. They will continue to research river and surface water processes and current conflicts in river management from various planning, watershed, basin, and landscape scales. This area of study is particularly relevant to senior managers in river science, planning, management, and engineering, especially within Tribal agencies or reservation bounds. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to present, and engage in, decisions to conserve and manage water resources in the face of climate change and other stressors;


Forestry: Students are provided with a depth to address forest and wildfire management challenges facing line managers and society. Advance your professional careers in forestry, silviculture, wildland fire management, fuels management, fire ecology, and restoration by increasing knowledge of silvics, fire science, ecology, forest- and fire-related policies and social issues, and the latest tools and technology. This pathway also reinforces fundamentals in applied ecology, natural resources management, communications, and other career-advancing knowledge and skills;


Wildlife: Students will study advanced topics in wildlife/fisheries biology, Advancing their fish and wildlife management careers by obtaining coursework leading to the graduate degree. This pathway allows them to increase their biology, ecology, management, and conservation of wildlife, fish, and habitats. Students will benefit from a curriculum that includes policy and social aspects of fish and wildlife management and traditional graduate-level courses in the fish and wildlife population sciences, exploring the diversity of biotic and abiotic needs of wildlife or fisheries management.

“The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value.”


~ Theodore Roosevelt

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SKC President Boham has graciously authorized 50% tuition waiver for the 2023-2024 academic year.